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Reliable Help Desk Support Service

Do you need more help desk support? When your business is growing, there are times when your current IT support team just can’t meet the long list of tasks that they are being asked to do.  As part of our recurring Managed IT Services, Axio Networks offers a U.S.-based service desk team that’s on call 24/7/365.

No matter how big the problem (or how small), our help desk team is ready to serve your team to keep them happy and productive!

Why Choose Axio Networks for Help Desk Support?

Our mission is to be a proactive IT partner, providing your business with what you need to succeed. That approach is reflected in the way we provide help desk support. Here’s what sets us apart.


Our Help Desk Is Based in the United States

Our U.S.-based help desk is staffed with trained technicians who support your users and solve most problems on the spot.

We Offer Support 24/7

Our round-the-clock support services mean that your users get the help they need, right when they need it.

We Have a Proven Track Record of Success

For years Axio Networks has been serving businesses and our technology experts help set us apart.

What Are Help Desk Services?

Your IT help desk should be a true technology partner, assisting your business and employees anytime IT needs arise. From answering questions and troubleshooting problems to helping you prepare for new changes in tech, your help desk partner should be the resource you turn to whenever you need some support.

What Is a Help Desk?

An IT help desk is staffed by a team of technicians for the purpose of providing support to your internal users. A remote help desk should provide employees with easily accessible, accurate, and quick IT support.


Help Desk Outsourcing Benefits

There are many reasons to choose an outsourced help desk for your IT support, from improving the closing rates on your tickets to saving your business time and money. Here are a few of the biggest benefits you’ll enjoy by outsourcing your help desk services.


1. Save Money on IT Support

Outsourcing your help desk support is one of the best ways to save money on these services. Unlike internal hires, which in addition to salary come with overhead expenses like training, benefits, and equipment, your outsourced support comes at a much lower cost. Help desks also tend to have high turnover rates. For an internal team, that can mean perpetually spending money on recruitment and hiring. When you outsource these services, however, you’ll always have expert support at your fingertips.

2. Greater Efficiency

Your internal IT staff probably wears many hats. Some days they’re taking support tickets, while others they’re trying to manage new software or product rollouts. Unfortunately, this creates a situation where nothing gets their full attention and in turn slows everything down. When you outsource your IT help desk services, you get a team that’s fully dedicated to providing support. It also frees up the rest of your internal team to focus on strategic initiatives without the distraction of providing user support.

3. Better Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and these threats are constantly evolving in sophistication. Does your internal IT team have the time to keep up? Or are they so busy with day-to-day operations they can’t keep up with new cybersecurity trainings? When you outsource your help desk services, you’ll enjoy the benefits of working with a support team who understands state-of-the-art cybersecurity protocols. Your company will be safer, and so will your users.

4. Support for Hybrid and Remote Workers

These days, companies are more flexible than ever before, offering employees the option of hybrid or fully remote work. While these options are great for your people, they also come with a whole host of unique challenges that require support. Rather than reduce your employees’ working options, you can outsource your help desk services to ensure everyone gets the help that they need. The results are happier workers and better productivity for your business.

5. Relief for Your IT Experts

Chances are that your IT team is full of technical experts, each of whom offers a unique set of skills. But when these individuals have to field support calls all day, they can’t do the jobs that you hired them for. One of the best ways to provide them relief is to outsource your help desk services. This allows your internal team to get back to what they’re best at and to stay aligned to your top business priorities. Let your experts be experts, and leave the help desk services to your outsourced support.