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Our Support Makes Managing Servers Efficient

Axio Networks offers comprehensive support to help you minimize downtime and more efficiently manage servers. With years of experience and hundreds of technicians waiting to help you at any time, Axio Networks provides cutting-edge managed IT services and support for businesses of all sizes.

Axio Networks can help you set up and secure servers, so your business can operate more efficiently and eliminate risks to your servers. By getting a better understanding of your business, the risks it faces, and its needs, our server administration services can help you keep a watchful eye on your servers and maximize efficiency.

What Are Server Management Services?

Server management services help keep your servers online, prevent security threats, and keep your servers up to date. Axio Networks’ 24/7 Server Management Services can help you avoid the potential security risks of managing a server in-house, many of which can cost your business a significant amount of time and money. With hundreds of technicians monitoring your servers and helping you keep them secure and up to date, Axio Networks’ makes it much easier to prevent serious server problems.


When it comes to fixing server issues, time is of the essence. Axio Networks helps you prevent and fix server problems through a combination of server monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting. We provide 24/7 server management and monitoring, which means you've always got a set of eyes on your servers. If there's an issue with a server that persists for more than 5 or 10 minutes, we'll start the troubleshooting process to figure out the root cause of the issue and how we can fix it. Our team of technicians can get to the bottom of many common server problems to help you avoid costly downtime and security issues.


You might want to hire a server management company to help with server maintenance. Keeping your server up to date helps you minimize downtime, prevent security threats, and make sure your server is operating as efficiently as possible. The problem is that keeping up with this maintenance can be a lot of work for business owners, and you can't afford to miss scheduled updates and other key maintenance tasks. With Axio Networks, you can rest easy knowing your servers are always up-to-date and well-maintained, so you don't have to worry about reliability or security issues that result from outdated services.

Software Installations

Installing software across all the machines connected to a server can be a lot of work, and installation mistakes can affect the performance of your software. When you need to install software on a server or several computers connected to that server, Axio Networks server maintenance services can help you get the job done. With all the experience our technicians have in the world of server management and maintenance, installing software is a simple job. Don't settle for inefficient operations or leave your server vulnerable to attacks as a result of outdated software; with Axio Networks server management services, you can get the software you need to be installed the right way.

Server Optimization

Rebuilding your network from scratch is a lot of work, but Axio Networks can help you improve efficiency without building an entire network from scratch. With server optimization, we can identify potential inefficiencies in your network and help you make your server operations more efficient. Whether you use your company server for day-to-day operations or to secure sensitive data from customers, Axio Networks can help you optimize your server to make it as efficient and secure as possible. We can even help you eliminate unnecessary software and equipment while upgrading to better options, so you can make sure you're maximizing efficiency without spending money when you don't have to.

Operating System (OS) Updates

The operating system you have installed on your server is essentially the core of the machine. The software on a server has some effect, but the operating system is what determines the core capabilities of your server. This means keeping your operating system up to date is one of the most important things you can do to protect and optimize your server. Outdated operating systems can cause security and performance issues, and updating your operating system isn't as simple as you might think.

Managed IT Services Done Right

Our IT specialists don’t take shortcuts. We only do things one way – the right way. You can rest assured that your information technology will be designed and implemented correctly and that your systems will be properly monitored and maintained. As a result, the technology you use to run your business will be high-performing, resilient, secure, scalable, and easy to troubleshoot.


If You Need Help, You'll Get It

In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s critical that you always have access to your IT support team and that your issues are resolved quickly. To make sure this happens, we built our company culture around providing our managed IT services clients with an effortless experience. We use modern tools, metrics, and controls to ensure we fulfill our promise that we’ll be there for you whenever and however you need us.


We'll Help You Use Technology to Solve Business Problems

You know the challenges you face and the outcomes you hope to achieve. Getting from where you are to where you want to be may seem like a daunting task. As a managed IT services client of Axio Networks, you’ll have a knowledgeable, experienced Technology Advisor by your side. Together, we’ll find ways to harness the capabilities and efficiencies made possible by technology.