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Managed Procurement Services for Your IT Needs

It takes a significant investment of time and energy to evaluate, purchase, and install new IT hardware and software.

Whether your organization needs new tools or is just looking to make a few upgrades, you can make the process easier and more efficient by working with Axio Networks as your managed procurement provider. From finding the right hardware or software to installation and maintenance, we manage the entire process to ensure your people get the tools they need to be more productive.

Reliable IT Procurement Benefits and Strategy

Managed IT procurement takes the headache out of finding and installing new hardware or software. We make the process more efficient for your organization while using our bulk-buying power to save you money.

How Does IT Procurement Management Work?

Managed IT procurement works by leveraging a trusted partner’s expertise and relationships to help your organization evaluate, purchase, and install hardware and software.

Axio Networks’ knowledge and skill allows us to manage the whole process for you, ensuring the right result for your organization.

Think of it this way: You wouldn’t purchase a home or a car without doing your research first. Likewise, finding the right hardware or software tool for your business requires a lengthy evaluation process to make the best selection possible. Then, after your purchase, you’ll also need to install, maintain, and upgrade your systems, and spend time retiring your old hardware and software.

This process puts heavy demand on your IT team’s time and resources. Wouldn’t you rather they spend that time focused on core business priorities?

If so, managed IT procurement is the solution for you. Without relying on quality-sapping shortcuts, your team can focus on your core business functions — and still get expert guidance throughout the process of finding and installing new hardware and software tools for your business.


Why Is It Important to Manage Procurement in IT?

Managed IT procurement is the most efficient way to ensure you get the best hardware and software tools for your organization. A good provider will manage the solution from the initial evaluation process all the way through installation and maintenance.

Outsourced Services and Tools

Axio Networks offers end-to-end managed IT procurement services, including:


Software and Hardware Evaluation

We comprehensively evaluate software and hardware options based on your requirements and business objectives.

Strategic Sourcing Management

We leverage our relationships with distributors and other partners to find the suppliers that can fulfill your needs quickly and reliably.

Cost and Pricing Control

Our pre-existing industry relationships mean we can keep your costs down without sacrificing the quality or effectiveness of your solution.

Distributor and Vendor Management

We handle managing the distributors, vendors, or other third parties providing your software or hardware, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Licensing Agreements

We help you analyze your needs and determine the most cost-effective licensing agreements for your organization.

Hardware and Software Installation

We manage the new installation of hardware and software to make it as seamless an experience as possible or your users.

Hardware and Software Maintenance

We provide around-the-clock support and maintenance to your systems to ensure they continue to run smoothly after installation.

System Upgrades

When your systems need upgrades, we’ll make sure that they’re brought up to the standards you need to perform your core business functions. Hardware Retirement and Asset Management Hardware Retirement and Asset Management When the time comes to retire old, outdated hardware, we’ll manage the process to ensure your users are not disrupted.

Hardware Retirement and Asset Management

When the time comes to retire old, outdated hardware, we’ll manage the process to ensure your users are not disrupted.

Managed IT Services Done Right

Our IT specialists don’t take shortcuts. We only do things one way – the right way. You can rest assured that your information technology will be designed and implemented correctly and that your systems will be properly monitored and maintained. As a result, the technology you use to run your business will be high-performing, resilient, secure, scalable, and easy to troubleshoot.


If You Need Help, You'll Get It

In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s critical that you always have access to your IT support team and that your issues are resolved quickly. To make sure this happens, we built our company culture around providing our managed IT services clients with an effortless experience. We use modern tools, metrics, and controls to ensure we fulfill our promise that we’ll be there for you whenever and however you need us.


We'll Help You Use Technology to Solve Business Problems

You know the challenges you face and the outcomes you hope to achieve. Getting from where you are to where you want to be may seem like a daunting task. As a managed IT services client of Axio Networks, you’ll have a knowledgeable, experienced Technology Advisor by your side. Together, we’ll find ways to harness the capabilities and efficiencies made possible by technology.